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Questions and Answers

Can I access the railway from the Garden Centre?
Yes, we are now entering through the garden centre again.

Where are the nearest toilets?
Toilets are located in the car park and near the cafe in the garden centre.

What is the minimum age to travel on the train without an adult?
Children under the age of 16 must travel and queue for their ride accompanied by an adult.

How much does a ride cost?
We suggest a donation of £1 per person, customers under two years old travel free. Tickets at this current time will not be issued.

Will you accept cash?
Yes, there is a donation bucket at the entrance to the station platform. We cannot provide change at this current moment, please bring the correct change for your ride. There will also be posters with QR codes linked to our PayPal page where you can donate by PayPal or by card.

Can I observe the ride from the fence?
At the moment, we cannot allow customers to observe from the fence to ensure social distancing. If you join the queue, you must ride on the train.

Can I park my buggy or pram at the railway?
There is a buggy/pram park at the railway however, we cannot accept any liability for your personal belongings whilst riding on the train.

Can I take a picture of the locomotive?
We cannot guarantee that you will be able to take any photos prior to boarding the train. For the driver’s protection customers will not be allowed near the locomotive at this time. However please feel free to take pictures and videos during your ride.

Is there station staff that can assist me onto the train?
Unfortunately, at the moment we cannot assist passengers onto the train.

Can you look after our personal belongings?
For the safety of our staff, we cannot look after any personal belongings from our customers.

Can I ride more than once?
Yes, however, if you wish to ride more than once you must leave the train and re-join the queue.

What COVID precautions have you introduced on the site?
We have hand sanitisers available on entry and exit and will be actively managing numbers on the station. We are providing the necessary protective equipment for our volunteers to do their roles at the railway. An hourly cleaning regime is in place. There is a one-way system in place between the garden centre and the platform.

What COVID precautions have you introduced on the trains?
For safety, we are limiting to one family bubble per carriage.

Do we have to wear face coverings?
Face coverings are advised during your visit with us to protect yourself, other customers and our volunteers.